Click a link to see photos from each client's lake.

Lake Conway Association – Vernon NJ

To maintain water quality, AELS helped to monitor a major gas pipeline project which ran right under the lake.

Lake Hopatcong Land and Homeowners Association – Hopatcong NJ

Nuisance weeds presented many problems before chemical treatment

AELS applied chemicals to destroy the nuisance weeds, which, in turn, made it easier for the water sprayers to do their job.

Birchwood Manor – Whippany NJ

AELS was responsible for restoring the natural beauty of this site through a simple chemical treatment program

A weed and algae-infested pond was restored to its original state.

Lake Stockholm – Stockholm, NJ

Various private homeowners in NJ

An algae and weed-infested pond needing severe help

AELS helped to restore this pond and designed an aeration system, ensuring water quality for years to come!

Lake Tranquility – Tranquility, NJ

AELS regularly tests the water of this lake for dangerous levels of fecal coliform contamination

Testing the lake's water quality ensures a safe swimming season.

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