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NJDEP Certified Water Testing Laboratory


Our Story

We connect environmental testing with water system operations, so we can tell you what's in your water, and how to get it out.  In our daily routine, we put a lot of thought into every little thing we do, making sure you’re getting high-quality and outstanding service. Our dedicated team of drinking water professionals meets you where you are to ensure your drinking water is safe.  We test private wells and operate hundreds of public water systems throughout the state, ensuring that schools, churches, gyms, and other public water systems have clean drinkable water.   Be sure to browse our website for additional information about our services and see how we can be of assistance.


We test and operate drinking and wastewater systems

Water Well in Field
LCMS Chromatography Machine
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Private Well Testing

PFAS testing

Public Water System Operations

Our Drinking Water Laboratory offers private well testing services that are compliant with the Private Well Testing Act. We provide comprehensive testing services to ensure that your well water is safe for consumption and use. Our services are designed to meet or exceed the standards set by the EPA and other regulatory agencies.

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Our Drinking Water Laboratory offers quick, in house PFAS testing. Our experienced staff are equipped with the latest technology to provide accurate and reliable results in a timely manner. We strive to provide the highest quality of testing services for all of our clients.

We provide comprehensive customer service for public water system operations.  Our licensed operators are qualified to sample, manage and maintain water systems.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring safe, reliable drinking water for all of our customers.

Overview from the Laboratory Manager

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